A closer eye on Europe’s real estate sector

The Deutsche Hypo Real Estate Economy Index (REECOX) is the first ever European indicator of its kind, and allows for comparisons of the real estate sectors in different countries. A REECOX Eye on the individual real estate markets thereby gives market players valuable insights into economic relationships in the real estate sector, for pan-European portfolio strategies.

REECOX Eye March 2019

Deutsche Hypo Euro-Score


Current Market Report Q1-2019

Euro-Score starts the year positively

The European Real Estate Economy Index performed negatively over 2018 as a whole, largely as a result of the clear negative trend in the fourth quarter. That makes the renewed positive development in the first quarter of 2019, which resulted in a slight recovery at the start of the year, even more welcome.

  • Germany
  • Great Britain
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Spain

The European real estate sector at a glance

For the first time, Deutsche Hypo’s REECOX Eye offers a transparent comparison of Real Estate Economy Indices for different countries at a glance. Starting in April 2018, it will let users compare Real Estate Economy Indices for six European countries based on the German Real Estate Economy Index, which has been published since January 2008. Choose a country on the left and click “country report” for more information.

Goals and methodology

The real estate sector is strongly driven by cyclical contexts, interest rate structures and other hard economic facts. Because these factors generally apply to all market economies, the Real Estate Economy Indices for the various countries can be meaningfully compared. Click “Methodology” for more details.

What happened back then?

The German Real Estate Economy Index has been published since 2008. But what happened back then? All texts and figures are available in the archive allowing users to relive past turning points and market situations. From April 2018, that will also be the case for the Real Estate Economy Indices for other European countries.